Stanford 50: State of the Art and Future Directions of Computational Mathematics and Numerical Computing


  • March 29, 2007
  • 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
  • Packard
    Stanford University

Graduate Students Posters

Graduate Students
Dynamical Systems
Presenter(s) Institution Title
Sotiria Lampoudi UC Santa Barbara A computational algorithm for exploring the effect of excluded volume in chemical kinetics
Stephanie Taylor UC Santa Barbara Analyzing phase dynamics of limit cycle systems with application to the circadian clock
Image Processing
Presenter(s) Institution Title
Dana Paquin Stanford University Multiscale deformable registration of medical images
Image Transforms
Presenter(s) Institution Title
Boris Efros Ben-Gurion University DSHAS - Algorithm for real-time calculation of discrete X-ray transform over a sliding window
Leif Christian Larsen Norwegian University of Science and Technology Speeding up transform algorithms for image compression using GPUs
Least Squares Computations
Presenter(s) Institution Title
Yoza Hida
Jason Riedy
UC Berkeley Precise solutions for overdetermined linear least squares problems
Kourosh Modarresi Stanford University Multi-level approach to Tikhonov regularization method
Matrix Canonical Computations
Presenter(s) Institution Title
Lars Karlsson Umeå Universitet GUPTRI3: The next generation staircase algorithms and library software for canonical structure information
Matrix Computations
Presenter(s) Institution Title
Robert Granat Umeå Universitet Parallel algorithms and library software for Sylvester-type matrix equations
Jonathan Moussa UC Berkeley O(N log N) tridiagonal eigensolver without the Fast Multipole Method
Presenter(s) Institution Title
Andrew Bradley Stanford University Initialization of the limited-memory quasi-Newton Hessian for discretized continuous optimization problems
Nir Naor Ben-Gurion University Finding the best featured phases - Problem simplification
Presenter(s) Institution Title
Sarah Williams UC Davis A multiscale hybrid method for compressible fluids, with fluctuations
Stochastic Methods
Presenter(s) Institution Title
Christian Perret ETH Zurich Improving the stability of numerical simulations of quantum dynamical systems using stochastic techniques
Tiago Requeijo Stanford University Group dynamics of phototaxis: Interacting stochastic many-particle systems and their continuum limit
Support Vector Machines
Presenter(s) Institution Title
Jin Hyuk Jung University of Maryland Adaptive constraint reduction for convex quadratic programs, with an application to support vector machines
Di Zhao Louisiana Tech University Non-negative matrix factorization to speed up interior point method of SVM training

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