Stanford 50: State of the Art and Future Directions of Computational Mathematics and Numerical Computing


  • March 29, 2007
  • 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
  • Packard
    Stanford University

Junior Scientists Posters

Junior Scientists
Fast Computation
Presenter(s) Institution Title
Laurent Demanet Stanford University Fast computation of Fourier integral operators
Zhengji Zhao Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory The linear scaling 3-dimensional fragment method for petascale nanoscience simulations
Krylov Methods
Presenter(s) Institution Title
Sou-Cheng Choi Stanford University MINRES-QLP: A Krylov subspace method for singular symmetric linear equations and least-squares problems
James Lambers Stanford University The evolution of Krylov subspace spectral methods
Matrix Computation
Presenter(s) Institution Title
Pedher Johansson Umeå Universitet StratiGraph - software tools for matrix canonical computations
Hyunsoo Kim Georgia Institute of Technology A framework of non-negative matrix factorizations via alternating non-negative least squares
Presenter(s) Institution Title
Holly Jin Stanford University Localization algorithms for ad hoc wireless networks
Ofer Levi
Yisrael Parmet
Ben-Gurion University Matching Pursuit under the gown of Linear Regression
Uday Shanbhag University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Equilibrium programming under uncertainty
Presenter(s) Institution Title
Aboubacar Bagayogo University College of Saint-Boniface Hybrid Grid Generation - A symbolic Programming Approach
Erik Boman Sandia National Laboratory Combinatorial scientific computing
Vani Cheruvu National Center for Atmospheric Research A spectral finite volume/flux corrected transport method for shallow water equations
Henrik Loef Stanford University Multigrid smoothers revisited: Parallelization on multi-core processors

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